30 years in the production of packaging

123 qualified employees

Over 1 million square meters average monthly production

History, location and activity subject

‘KAM – 919’ LTD was established in 1991 as a juridical identification ET (sole trader). In 1996 was registered as Ltd and it is 100 % private property. ‘KAM -919’ Ltd is one of the first private company in branch ‘Cellulose and paper’. ‘KAM -919’ Ltd is situated on the main Southern exit of district Komatevo (district Komatevo, Plovdiv) side road Sofia – Pamporovo near the biggest Market Place for fruits and vegetables in Southern Bulgaria – stock market Parvenetz. The good geographical location and well-built transport infrastructure assists extremely well in attracting new customers. Location and infrastructure helps customers’ fast moving and orientation to all places in Bulgaria. The company activity is situated on a main platform which whole size is 10,8 decare. 5,7 decare form the whole size is occupied by production buildings, store buildings and an administrative building. Company is with ratified name and market positions in a district and in the country.


Structure, management, resources and team

The company uses its own fund for production’s improvement, introduction new technology and increase qualification of a staff.
During 2016 there are 123 workers and employees in ‘KAM – 919’ Ltd. Effective manufacture’s management and large machinery’s possibilities give to company an opportunity to manufacture 800 / 900 tons pasteboard on the average of month and fulfil orders for 4 / 5 workdays. If it is necessary, the company could fulfil orders for 24 hours. In the last years increase requests for high quality packages made of pasteboard and this facilitates sales of production. The company continues improving and modernizing, implementing new systems, increasing qualification of workers’ staff and facilitates the management team by specialized software.